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Prussian guards at the Battle of Leuthen 1757 by Carl Rochling.- Military - Prints .com
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Prussian guards at the Battle of Leuthen 1757 by Carl Rochling.

Prussian guards at the Battle of Leuthen 1757 by Carl Rochling.

Battle of Leuthen during the seven years war. After hearing of the Prussian defeat at Breslau and the capture of August Wilhelm Duke of Brunswick-Bevern, Frederick the Great marched his troops 170 miles in 12 days. His small force of 13,000 troops were joined by another 30,000 men most of whom were the remnants of the Prussian army defeated at Breslau. With an army made up of a mixture of regular troops, garrison and new recruits he decided to re take Breslau from the Austrians. During his march to Breslau he found his way blocked by a Austrian Army 72,000 men strong at Leuthen. The Austrian army was commanded by the brother in law of Holy Romans Empress Maria Theresa, Prince Charles of Lorraine and Marshal Count Leopold von Daun. The Austrian army was deployed along a 5 mile front and on the 5th of December Frederick the great started the battle with an immense artillery barrage concentrated on the Austrian defence works. The artillery he was using was the heaviest used at that time, 10 fortress guns. The Prussian army concentrated its attack on the extreme left of the Austrian Army which gave them superiority on that flank, breaking the Austrian Line and successfully moving down the Austrian Line. At the village of Leuthen the Imperial infantry tried to change their front but was overwhelmed. Also the Austrian cavalry was routed by general Hans von Zietens Prussian cavalry. By late evening the Prussians had won the day, but their losses amounted to 6,000 killed or wounded. The were the same number of dead and wounded on the Austrian side, but 20,000 Austrian troops surrendered. Due to Frederick the Greats victory at Leuthen, Breslau was recaptured 5 days later. This was the last battle of 1757. Frederick the Great in a six week campaign had repulsed the French , taken Saxony and beaten the Austrians so convincingly that the Austrian army would not be able to fight again until the summer of 1758.
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